“We are creating a workplace here where we work together as friends, in which we jointly develop and produce products that we enjoy.”

The PARAX story. The short version to date.

Or as ChatGPT would say: PARAX: How two friends turned the cycling world upside down with their creative idea

Torben and Frido are best friends and travel buddies, although they have different interests. Torben is studying physical education and loves cycling, while Frido is passionate about physics. One day Torben noticed that he wanted a modern and special mount to hang his racing bike in his flat. He searches the internet for a suitable bracket, but he is not satisfied with what he finds.
Torben and Frido then decide to develop their own mounts. They want to create the best mount on the market that is not only functional but also nicely designed. They work hard on their project and finally they create the D-RACK, a stylish wall mount for bicycles.

They are so excited about their product that they decide to launch it. They start a Kickstarter campaign and within a very short time they get a lot of support. They are also getting positive feedback from the bike industry and their mount is becoming the best seller quickly. Today, PARAX is a registered trademark that already has four different bicycle wall mounts in their range and is preparing even more for the launch. They have a workshop, storage room,
production room and two offices. We are 6 employees working together in a friendly team. Torben and Frido are proud that they have built up a company that is not only successful, but also reflects their passion for creative and innovative work. We at PARAX have a lot of fun at work and enjoy working on new ideas and  developing innovative products together.

Production Made in Germany

Our company PARAX develops innovative products and attaches great importance to a local and responsible production. We work independently in our
workshop in Bönen as well as with various partner companies in North Rhine-Westphalia to manufacture the metal parts for our bicycle wall mounts.

In our workshop we carry out the woodwork, pack screw bags, manufacture drilling templates, process metal parts and put our logo on the products. We are proud that we attach great importance to sustainability when packaging our products and to refrain from using plastic.

Working together on the production strengthens the cohesion in our team and contributes to ensuring that every product meets the highest quality standards. We are convinced that we not only produce unique products, but also make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

"We stand for a world in which one day, work will be nothing more than living out creativity together with the aim of making the planet a little more beautiful once more."

Working at PARAX

In recent years, Frido and Torben have repeatedly thought about into which direction our company should develop. We asked ourselves which work model would be useful in the future and in which working environment we can work most effectively. We agree that the traditional five-day work model with a nine-to-five job simply won't work in the long run and is more contemporary. Unfortunately, there is still no effective and practical solution for this.

Our focus at the moment is on building the company and developing automated ones
Processes to work more efficiently. We keep encountering challenges
when it comes to manufacturing economically viable products at a fair price and
at the same time an environmentally conscious and ethically justifiable production in Germany
guarantee. But we remain true to our mission statement and always strive to improve our
To offer customers high quality and responsibly manufactured products.

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PARAX does not only consist of Frido and Torben - as already mentioned, we are six in persons in total! Each of us stand behind our products with great passion.

Our Team

Lächelnder Mitarbeiter von PARAX mit schwarzem T-Shirt mit PARAX Logo vor einer Werkzeugwand


Lächelnder Mitarbeiter von PARAX mit schwarzem Kapuzenpullover mit PARAX Logo und schwarzer Kappe vor einer Werkzeugwand


Lächelnde Mitarbeiterin von PARAX mit schwarzem Kapuzenpullover mit PARAX Logo vor einer Werkzeugwand


Lächelnder Mitarbeiter von PARAX mit schwarzem Kapuzenpullover mit PARAX Logo vor einer Werkzeugwand


Lächelnder Mitarbeiter von PARAX mit schwarzem Kapuzenpullover mit PARAX Logo vor einer Werkzeugwand